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Government defended

To the editor:

For the next four weeks, I challenge you to print positive things about the City of Marion, Marion County commissioners, and Marion County economic development.

By your printing negative things about these entities, it gives a negative impression to the citizens in the county. Let’s be positive for once.

By improving the downtown area of the City of Marion, it should help bring prosperity to the city. Paying $335,000 for a million dollar upgrade is a bargain.

The county commissioners are working very diligently to take care of the county. They worked very hard to allow the wind farm to build in the north part of the county. This has been prosperous to businesses, individuals and schools. I applaud their efforts.

The county economic development’s mission is to bring prosperity to all, including the newspaper.

When the newspaper is prosperous, it increases your revenue, which would increase your profits.

When your profits are increased, you can afford to replace your office chair, your pants, and upgrade your technology. 

Katherine Young

Last modified June 28, 2018