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to the editor

Judges should go

To the editor:

Kansas Supreme Court Justices that visited our county, Lawton Nuss and Marla Luckert, as well as Justices Carol Beier and Dan Biles, should be voted out.

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned decisions of these four justices in resentencing of murder cases. The most famous case of the many that were overturned was the Carr brothers, in which four young people were brutally tortured and murdered. This caused the families of the four victims to relive the horror caused by these men in the re-trial. Why would these justices not follow Kansas law, especially in a case of such horrific magnitude?

These liberal justices are delaying a ruling until after the election on whether a ban on partial birth abortion will still be Kansas law. Why? Are they afraid it will hurt their chances of re-election?

This ban was supported by both Democrats and Republicans in our Legislature. But then, how could anybody support the dismemberment of a tiny baby in the days before its birth? The former governors that have supported these judges in ads were all for abortion. If you are pro-life, you should not support these judges.

If you believe that criminals should be punished, unborn life needs protection, and traditional moral values respected, you should vote NO to retain judges Nuss, Luckert, Beier and Biles.

Greg Davidson

Last modified Oct. 26, 2016