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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Livestock monitoring oversteps boundaries

To the editor:

I got a letter last week from Veterinarian Jessica Laurin in which she states, “You may see the Federal Department of Agriculture starting to step on farms and closely watch and regulate all aspects of farm life.” She also said, “For all of us to stay in agriculture, we are going to have to comply.”

Reading Oliver Good’s article about that in the Aug. 12 farm section and getting that letter begged a response as a livestock producer. If the law is our survival, why are there less and less of us? How can we be so blind? The proof is, we producers always pay.

The letter indicated that we are to treat animals like humans. Why are there those who would equate animals with humans? How have we become so demeaning of our humanity? Seems “science” has decided that an animal is not an animal (food source). Then we must not be humans!

Think about this: I have had livestock for more years than the ages of our local veterinarians, and now I’m told that I have to be monitored on feeding and caring for them, AND paying for it! Vets ought to appreciate that!

If I believe the animals I raise are my food source, how dare someone else say that’s not my right!

I have raised cattle for 60 years, and now the government tells me I can’t be trusted to know what I am doing? Very insulting!

Jerry Plett


Last modified Sept. 10, 2015