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Opposing abortion

To the editor:

The US Supreme Court recently signaled that Roe vs. Wade likely will be overturned. This will mean that decisions made whether to value life for our unborn children will be made exclusively by the states.

Many Kansans worked to pass basic common-sense laws which were put in place to protect women and babies. However, on 2019, the Kansas State Supreme Court radically changed all of this, making it impossible to regulate abortion.

How did a panel of judges do this? By defining “the pursuit of happiness” as including the “right to abortion,” all Kansas laws regulating abortion were made null and void.

Unbelievable. We cannot allow this to continue.

The Value Them Both Amendment specifically states:

  • There is no “right to abortion” in the Kansas Constitution.
  • The government of Kansas has no responsibility to fund abortions.
  • The authority to regulate abortion is restored to the Kansas legislature.

If the Value Them Both Amendment is not passed, Kansas is projected to become the “destination center of the United States” for abortion.

The abortion laws will likely become even more extreme than even California and New York, allowing not only late-term dismemberment abortions but making it legal to essentially kill babies past birth through neglect of care.

On Aug. 2, Kansans have the unprecedented opportunity to restore reasonable laws protecting women and babies by voting yes for the Value Them Both Amendment.

We can protect the lives of those who cannot protect themselves by taking authority from the Kansas Supreme Court and putting it back into the hands of the Kansas Legislature, where future laws can be passed.

Bruce and Val Johnson, Abilene

Last modified May 12, 2022