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to the editor

Road barriers

To the editor:

After 10 months of frustration over county road issues, personnel, and procedures, and responses from our elected commissioners, a call from a reliable source brightened my day: Randy Crawford, head of the road and bridge department, would be resigning later that day.

His slam of Marion County agriculture as a whole leaves me no choice but to lose all respect for the man. Marion County’s agricultural and livestock industry is the backbone of Marion County.

Crawford’s departure only eliminates one barrier to restoring basic and efficient road maintenance; more remain.

One barrier may be the elected commissioner of District 1, but that’s not my fight; my fight now will be with my own District 2 commissioner. If this barrier seeks reelection, I will personally get someone qualified to run or make the time to be the next District 2 commissioner, so help me God.

Our road problems and issues are still here, they are still real now, and will continue to be real in the future. I will continue to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, according to some, and hopefully fight to get positive change. I would like to thank everyone that has supported me in this cause.

Last but not least, the morale within our county employees has taken a large positive boost with Randy’s departure, and I hope they can continue to restore pride in their work. Marion County’s road maintenance can’t be done without them.

Mike Beneke

Last modified Oct. 28, 2015