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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Root of the problem

Root of the problem

To the editor:

I agree with Eric Meyer’s editorials about our local government. It’s important to look at the root of the problem.

We always have a lot to say about government, mostly negative. Why is that?

In a way, we the people really are to blame. We keep voting them in, right?

What is good leadership? Is it learning how to use the people’s money to perpetuate itself?

Wasn’t our nation built on the notion of self-government? The first settlers came to America to get away from government.

Government can only thrive by making its people dependent on it. How is that possible? By going after the productive, private sector and slowly but surely taking more and more of its resources. Now, without realizing it, we have become dependent in one way or another.

What’s worse is that government officials have the nerve to tell us they are providing for our wellbeing. How dishonest. And we keep looking to them for our security, not wanting to admit that they have to take it away from us first.

When has our local government ever produced anything in order to give it to us? It either borrows it through lease-purchase, as Meyer said, or robs it from us who work to earn it.

So I guess we have only ourselves to blame.

Jerry Plett

Last modified July 12, 2017