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Sore losers

To the editor:

During the 1980s, while serving as Wilson Township trustee, it was my job to store and set up the voting booths at the Methodist church in Aulne for elections.

I took this responsibility seriously as an integral part of a democracy — the right to vote in free and fair elections.

In 2000, I was the Democratic candidate for state representative for the district that represented Marion County in the Kansas Legislature.

I lost in what I considered a free and fair election that was overseen by people I knew and trusted.

We now have a president who has lost an election that has been counted and recounted, but he still spreads false claims and no-evidence allegations of a rigged election.

His complaints soon will be history as he is shown the door in less than three weeks and is relegated to a powerless Twitter troll.

A problem that will persist for Kansas is that newly elected Sen. Roger Marshall has shown no respect for the election process that has put him in office three times now.

By joining with 12 other senators to support the baseless claims of a sore loser he undermines the bedrock of democracy — free and fair elections.

How can Kansans expect good governance from a man that would disrespect the voice of people?

We have a similar situation in Wisconsin, where I live now. Sen. Ron Johnson also is among the 12 senators whose fealty to the loser president goes before his commitment to free and fair elections and democracy.

The good news is that Johnson’s term is up in 2022 and, if he runs again, I’ll bet a case of Wisconsin beer that he will lose big time.

Unfortunately for Kansas, Roger Marshall will be with you for six long years.

Harry Bennett
Madison, Wisconsin

Last modified Jan. 7, 2021