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LETTERS: Unpaved and dusty

To the editor:

A pickup truck driving into Tampa leaves a cloud of dust behind it in the Marion County Record for July 29.

It’s terrible that residents have to put up with that. It’s called respect and obeying the speed limit.

Also, it’s terrible that we can’t have at least blacktop on main roads into towns. We all pay taxes.

We live in the 100 block of North Roosevelt Street in Marion, which finally has been posted with a 15 mph speed limit.

I guess some people think that sign is for looks. If it’s wet out, we don’t seem to have so much traffic. But if it’s dry, people speed.

The dust is terrible. We had some plants die from dust.

We know our street had to be used to repave North Cedar Street and will be glad — as will everyone affected by the street work — when it’s done.

But please, obey the posted speed limit.

Thank you for the paper and the many good people of Marion.

Fred and Bertha Epperson

Last modified Aug. 6, 2009