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LETTERS: Visitor appreciates assistance

To the editor:

Recently, while coming back from the lake, I went to Hillsboro to refuel. I was quite surprised when my vehicle wouldn’t start at the gas pump of the local grocery store. I was traveling with someone who could pull me out of the way of the north end of the parking lot.

After many attempts to start it and trying to diagnose the problem, I asked store personnel if there was a parts store in town. The employees were very helpful and pointed me in the direction of CarQuest.

The store manager was familiar with my truck motor and volunteered to assist me. We tried to diagnose the problem with no luck.

I purchased some items but had no success in getting my vehicle started. Around noon, the manager of the parts store returned to assist me during his lunchtime. At no time did he expect any pay for his services.

I was very grateful to see this kind of help given to a person passing through from the people of this community.

I just want to say “thanks” to your community. I, too, grew up in a small town where this kind of generosity is displayed. I was so overwhelmed to be on the receiving end when I desperately needed it.

Thank you to the city of Hillsboro for taking time to keep the tradition of helping one another a true value of life.

Ken Harper

Last modified July 1, 2010