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Vote smart

To the editor:

An election is nearing, and it will have an effect on people not only nationwide but also right here in Marion.

Here are some things to remember when we prepare to elect individuals to represent us.

Individuals elected by a vote of the people are to serve the people they represent, not the other way around.

The greatest person on earth, who served the people was Jesus Christ, and he paid the ultimate price for us.

Some people who run for office do so for their own self-interests and expect people to cater to them. Others enjoy the title of the position and feel they have the power and control over the people.

Make sure to elect individuals who have the people’s interests in mind and will follow through with what the majority wants.

Elect candidates willing to work for the people, listen to all sides and concerns, ask questions, and research information to make the best decisions possible.

Do not elect self-centered, power hungry, or just “yes” people without any thought.

For too long I’ve seen county and city officials be unprofessional and argumentative towards one another, as if it were a power struggle for their own egos.

I’ve seen school board members elected for their own agendas or a vindictive agenda towards school personnel for one reason or another. They make it personal rather than doing what is best for the school district.

We need to elect candidates who are open-minded; are willing to listen; will follow protocols, rules of procedure, and other guidelines, and will make informed decisions that work best for the people who elected them to that position.

When getting ready to vote, do better than some of our governing officials and take the time to check out your candidates, ask questions, research and find out who is best for our community, our county, and our state, and vote accordingly.

Greg Wyatt, Marion

Last modified Oct. 18, 2023