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LETTERS: Who is the legislature working for?

To the editor:

A recent article in another newspaper about the proposed state constitutional amendment to prohibit courts from making decisions about school funding includes this statement — “But supporters argued they’re trying to make sure elected legislators make decisions about state spending instead of unelected judges, according to the Associated Press.”

Our three-branch government system is established to allow checks and balances between the three branches and such an amendment would be contrary to that concept. In fact, the court probably made its decision on school funding because the legislature wasn’t doing its job.

Have the people that represent us forgotten who elected them, what their job is? Instead, it seems they are pushing their own personal interests and the interests of their big contributors. They target areas that affect us personally to get us to support them, and do not cut anywhere that affects themselves or their big financial contributors.

Eliminating income tax “helps” us all including themselves and big business. Removing deductions for taxes and mortgage interest hurts only the common folk, not the rich or business. Extending sales tax hurts us more than them. Cutting school funding, support for the local cities and counties, support for the needy, etc., only hurts us, not them.

How about suspending their own wages, suspending retirement checks for former elected state and high level appointed officials, suspending expense reimbursement, making them pay for their healthcare, etc. until they prove they can do their jobs. All these people are better off financially than most of the ones that elected them and none of the negative things they do impact them.

I don’t propose they should carry the full burden of the state’s problems, just participate equally with the rest of us.

Paul White
Marion County Lake

Last modified Feb. 27, 2013