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LETTERS: Why no endorsement?

To the editor:

Last week’s paper had a letter that was simply wrong. It contended that Cheryl Green was advertising endorsements that she had not gained.

Well, I did some checking of my own and Green was telling the truth. She has been endorsed by the Kansas Republican Assembly and the NRA. In fact, Green has earned the endorsement of nearly every conservative organization across the state.

It leads one to wonder what these groups see in Green that they don’t see in our current representative.

One endorsement that our current representative was noticeably lacking is the Kansas Farm Bureau’s. While our current leader has told the voters that he’s independent and above special interests, this is one special interest that I think everyone in Marion County ought to care about.

What is it he has done the past two years that was so disagreeable with the agricultural community that he couldn’t gain the Farm Bureau’s endorsement?

The fact is, everyone has a special interest. And farmers and ranchers should be one that our county cares deeply about.

We will be supporting Green on Tuesday. We agree with the many conservative organizations that have endorsed her that she will do a great job representing everyone’s interests in Topeka.

Carl and Juanita Stovall

Last modified July 28, 2010