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Lighting, landscaping business sets up shop in Marion

Staff writer

Steve Patrick and April Winn-Patrick have big plans for their dream home on Walnut St. in Marion.

The couple found the house, in the 600 block by chance as they were driving by and saw a “For Sale by Owner” sign in the window.

“We just stopped, got out and walked around and April said ‘We’re buying it,’ and that was it,” Patrick said. They were moving to Marion.

With luck, their home will become a showpiece for Patrick’s craftsmanship.

Steve Patrick, a 25-year lighting and landscape designer, is relocating his business, Get Lit: Lighting and Landscape, to Marion.

The bulk of his clients are in Wichita and Kansas City, but Patrick would like to become established in his home county, too.

He enjoys the seeing the reaction to his finished work.

“There’s been some really neat projects,” he said. “I have a client in Wichita who happens to be a good friend of mine — he’s got two pergolas around his pool and he’s building another. We did lighting for all of those, and landscaping.”

Like many home improvement services, Patrick has seen his business double during COVID-19 shutdowns.

“I thought it would take away from my business but actually it has ramped it up,” he said. “A lot of people are trying to do things for themselves, but then they realize ‘It’s a little more difficult than I thought,’ and they call somebody in.”

Meanwhile, he and April are sorting out priorities for the house’s eventual remodel. They want to add on to the home and put in a den, a master bedroom, and bath.

“And a huge freaking closet for my clothes problem, right?” said April, looking at her husband.

Patrick will tackle the home’s exterior first. He already has ordered outdoor lighting and April can’t wait for anyone who drives by their new home to view the results.

“People are going to see what Get Lit is really all about,” she said.

Get Lit: Lighting and Landscaping is accepting inquiries at (316) 650-7877.

Last modified Sept. 9, 2020