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Lisa Geis shows 'supreme' champion lamb

A commercial ewe lamb shown by Lisa Geis of Durham won grand champion honors at the Kansas Junior Livestock Show Sept. 19-22 in Wichita. Her entry was one of 80 lambs in the commercial doe kid division.

A group of commercial ewes and a speckled market lamb shown by Cassidy Hill of Marion were champions.

A Hereford market steer shown by Weston Gaines of Peabody was the reserve champion Hereford.

Other results

Cailey Barney, Tampa: 1. Hampshire market lamb; 5. Commercial ewe lamb.

Jared Barney, Tampa: 7. Commercial ewe lamb; 9. Hampshire market lamb.

Zach Barney, Tampa: 7. Commercial ewe lamb; 2. Hampshire market lamb.

Ava Case, Durham: 9. Yorkshire gilt.

Devon Gaines, Newton: 8. Crossbred market steer.

Morgan Gaines, Newton: 5. Hereford breeding heifer.

Weston Gaines, Newton: 3. Maine-Anjou breeding heifer; 7. Shorthorn Plus market steer.

Lisa Geis: 3. AOB breeding heifer; 6. Meat goat.

Cassidy Hill, Marion: 1. Commercial ewe lamb; 3. Crossbred market lamb.

Elizabeth Meyer, Tampa: 11. Commercial ewe lamb.

Cody Parmley, Cedar Point: 5. Light crossbred market barrow.

Corin Parmley, Cedar Point: 4. Maine-Anjou breeding heifer; 5. Commercial breeding heifer.

Jensen Riffel, Lincolnville: 2. Light crossbred market barrow; 5. Dark crossbred market barrow.

Kara Riffel, Lincolnville: 2. Commercial doe kid; 5. Duroc gilt.

Karl Riffel, Lincolnville: 8. Commercial doe kid; 8. Yorkshire gilt.

Kyle Riffel, Tampa: 4. Commercial doe kid; 8. Commercial doe kid.

Landon Roberts, Hillsboro: 10. Commercial ewe lamb; 4. Natural market lamb; 4. AOB market lamb.

Sa Rae Roberts, Hillsboro: 6. Hampshire market lamb; 9. Commercial ewe lamb.

Calleigh Soyez, Marion: 4. Hampshire market lamb; 5. Suffolk market lamb; 6. Commercial ewe lamb; 7. Commercial ewe lamb; 12. Yorkshire gilt.

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