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Local experience not enough for county golfers

Home course advantage didn’t help Marion County teams Thursday at the Marion County 36-Hole Invitational, with Hillsboro finishing fifth, and Marion sixth out of six qualifying teams.

Players from both teams placed higher in the second 18 holes, played at Hillsboro, than those at Marion.

The Torjans’ top finisher overall was Avery Unruh, placing 21 at Hillsboro, and 23 at Marion Country Club. Paul Glanzer had the top 18-hole performance, finishing 18 at Hillsboro with an 89.

Peabody-Burns senior Max Caldwell, who plays for Marion, was the team’s top finisher at both sites. Caldwell was their lone player to crack the top 30 at either course, finishing 29 with a 102 at Hillsboro.

Hillsboro top finishers: Avery Unruh, 24, 187; Paul Glanzer, 27, 202; Eli Dalke, 29, 217; Riley Caldwell, 31, 223; Frank Wichert, 37, 248.

Marion top finishers: Max Caldwell, 30, 219; Happ Waddell, 34, 231; Miles Olsen, 36, 242; Koby Hett, 38, 256; Anderson Waddell, 39, 271.

Last modified May 8, 2019