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Man arrested, found 'slumped' in stolen truck

A man who police believed “wasn’t functioning properly” was arrested after he was allegedly found in possession of a stolen vehicle with stolen property inside Sunday near Durham.

At approximately 12:34 p.m., Durham First Responders, Tampa Ambulance, and sheriff’s deputy Mike Ottensmeier responded to a report of a man slumped over the steering wheel of a vehicle at 290th Rd. and K-15.

EMS arrived first. Once Ottensmeier arrived, he noticed the man was acting unusual, sheriff Rob Craft said.

“He wasn’t injured,” Craft said. “He wasn’t functioning properly. He just seemed to have difficulty focusing.”

Ottensmeier’s report indicates the man was suspected of using alcohol. There was some damage to the truck noted, Craft said, but it did not seem to have happened at the scene.

“Things just didn’t add up and look right,” Craft said. “He didn’t fit with the vehicle and the equipment that was there.”

The man was in a 2008 GMC with an electrician’s hand and power tools in it that appeared to be from the Salina area.

“It was raining,” Craft said. “That equipment normally wouldn’t be left out in the rain.”

Ottensmeier checked with Salina Police Department and confirmed that the vehicle had been reported stolen by L&S Electrical, Craft said.

Between the vehicle and tools, an estimated $30,000 of stolen property was recovered.

The man was arrested on suspicion of two felony charges: possession of stolen property and obstruction.

Salina police arranged for the vehicle to be towed back to Salina.

Last modified Jan. 19, 2017