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Man expresses anger over roads, employees

Staff writer

A Durham man voiced dissatisfaction Monday with both the condition of his road and the road and bridge department’s responses to his phone calls.

Bill Harmon told county commissioners that he asked to be on the meeting’s agenda after talking with the road and bridge department and getting the same answer he’d gotten numerous times before.

“The way I was answered was the way I was answered the earlier times I called: ‘We don’t have to rock everyone’s road,’ ” Harmon said.

Harmon lives on 300th Rd. between US-77 and Xavier Rd.

Harmon said when he moved to his property the road was well maintained.

It was bladed recently and the holes filled, which helped with flooding, but he’d like the well-traveled route to be more consistently maintained.

Harmon said he’d read in the newspaper that the county is considering spending a lot of money to repair a historic bridge, but said it had far better priorities.

“I guess I have said what I need to say,” Harmon said. “If you have any questions, ask me.”

After Harmon left the meeting, commissioner Kent Becker asked engineer Brice Goebel if 300th Rd. is on the department’s maintenance schedule, and Goebel said it is.

Commissioner Randy Dallke asked whether Harmon would find it helpful to be given a confirmation number when he phones the county to discuss a road. That way Harmon could look back and see when he had spoken to them last.

Dallke also said people had different perceptions of “bad roads.” He’s gone to look at specific roads when residents called him and seen that the roads are in better shape than some other roads.

The amount of work needed to keep water from running over the road would be costly for the department, Goebel said. The road would have to be raised and the ditches improved.

Becker asked about cleaning out ditches so water could flow better than it does now.

Goebel agreed to work on the problem.

Goebel also was not happy to hear his employees had answered Harmon the way they had, and wanted to get to the bottom of what was said.

Last modified Aug. 20, 2020