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Marion faces $800 tab for billing blunder

Staff writer

Marion taxpayers will likely pay $804 to get a second, corrected round of utility bills in November.

A billing blunder caused August utility bills to be sent out this month. When the city was made aware of the error, November bills were sent out.

A programmer for Wichita-based Broadstroke, the company that prints the city’s monthly newsletter and mails it with monthly utility bills, said the added cost for the second mailing would be $804.

The second mailing did not include a copy of November’s newsletter, which was included with the errant bill mailed earlier.

Last month’s bill from Broadstroke, which included the newsletter with one round of bills, was $1,076.63.

That is likely the amount the city will be charged for the first round of bills sent in November.

The replacement bill did not include an explanation. City officials said residents were notified via an online message system to which the city subscribes. However, the newspaper was unable to locate anyone who received such a message.

Last modified Nov. 11, 2021