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Marion gets atrazine check

Staff writer

Marion has received $162,747 as a part of a $105 million settlement against Sygenta, an atrazine manufacturer from Switzerland.

Marion’s part of the lawsuit dates back to 2007 when atrazine was noticed in Marion Reservoir. The water was measured to contain 0.6 parts per billion of atrazine, Marion City Administrator Doug Kjellin said. Environmental Protection Agency regulations state that three parts per billion is an acceptable level of atrazine.

Kjellin said there are still levels of atrazine in the reservoir, although there has not been much rain runoff to push the herbicide into the water.

Kjellin said Marion has already received the check. He said it is up to the City Council to decide how the money will be spent. He recommends spending the money toward some water purification venture possibly improving the granular activated carbon filter, which removes atrazine. Mayor Mary Olson agreed. Kjellin said the money could be used in 2013 because it will placed in the capital improvement fund.

Last modified Jan. 24, 2013