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MARION: Headstart


Dear Santa,

I would like big monster truck.

Mason Ottersmeier

Dear Santa,

I want some new paint from an art store, and I want a toy girl pony. Santa, I want a hat that looks like yours, and a jacket and gloves that look like yours. I also would like a pet no real doggy. Santa, I love you.

Rachel Schadel

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a pretty good boy. For Christmas, I would like a bike, a new Nerf gun, a new truck too. I would like a new Chevy truck like daddys. We will have lots of cookies for you!

Asher Semer

Dear Santa,

I think I have been a good girl this year. I have helped with my new baby sister! For Christmas this year I am asking for more Barbies! I also want my sister to get something fun, and toys for all my friends.

Aubrey Hall, age 3

Dear Santa,

I want a horse for Christmas! Also a deer and a dog! Maybe they will be stuffed animals! I also just wanted to say “Hi” to you! Merry Christmas!

AdeLynn Dvorak

Dear Santa,

I hope you’re doing good and staying healthy. I had to quarantine because my mommy got the sickness. It was no fun. For Christmas Santa I would like a Thanos hand, his suit, new slippers, a dinosaur shooting game and a pet turtle. I hope you stay healthy Santa.

Rylee Stringer

Dear Santa,

I’ve been extra good this year! I know your watching me from our Santa cam! For Christmas I would like a dog that talks, and a new bike! Merry Christmas.

Ava Looney

Dear Santa,

I love you! I love your toys that you make. I would like a big Elsa doll this year. I like the movie Frozen 2. Merry Christmas!

Darby Salsbury

Dear Santa,

I hope you are doing well and are ready for Christmas. This Christmas I’ve discovered my parents nutcracker decorations. They are so much fun and I sleep with five of them almost every night.

They are starting to get damaged so I would like a new one for Christmas. If you have room in your sleigh, could you bring me a remote control Spider-Man car? I’ve been working very hard this year to be on the “Nice List.” Safe travels.

James Klenda

Dear Santa,

How have you been? I am good! I have been very good this year. For Christmas, I would like a baby doll and a toy Santa Claus. I will leave lights, Pepsi and cookies for you on Christmas Eve!

Leia Beery

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I would like construction toys, semi truck toys, football and baseball stuff, and a firetruck like my Daddy’s.

I also want to move into my new house in time for you to visit us there on Christmas eve this year. I hope my mommy and daddy can get it all finished in time. We already have our tree up and decorated there. Merry Christmas! I hope to see you soon Santa!

Lane Wealand

Dear Santa,

I want a LOL for Christmas. I also want an OMG Big Sister. I would be happy with a doll that walks, cries, and talks. I also want a new bicycle (real or fake). I have been really good this year so I think I need new cowgirl boots and a cowgirl costume. I want Elsa, Anna, Doc McStuffins, aqnd balls to throw around. I want my friends and family to have a safe Christmas.

Farrah Thompson

Dear Santa,

How are you? I haven’t seen you in a long time. I love you. Would you want to come to my house sometime to see my brothers and me and Daddy? Can you bring me a new bicycle since I am growing? I would also like a new cat of my own. I will take care of her. I have been good and my brothers have too, please bring them something cool. I will leave you some sprinkle cookies!

Claire Tharp

Dear Santa,

I want a hoverboard this year, one that is only for me! I also want a four wheeler and a train with a whistle.

Easton Janzen

Dear Santa,

I want a Captain American and Hulk and Flash toy and another Spiderman because he needs a Spiderman buddy and batman. I love super heroes I want to be Spiderman when I grow up. I have been good this year and I love my mommy. I wish I can be a superhero. I also want a toy Santa.

Chevy Pauley

Dear Santa,

I have been pretty good this year! I would like a Lego table with Legos. I would also like books and maybe some candy. I love you and will leave cookies for you and carrots for the reindeer. Thank you!

Ophelia Fletcher

Dear Santa,

I love the North Pole. It is not like here, but far away. I love your reindeer. Lets drink some hot chocolate with little marshmellows. I want a bigger bow and arrow. I want markers. I would like watermelon gummies. Thank you, Santa.

Roman Coitrone

Dear Santa,

I want Paw Patrol toys, games, Legos, and cookies. Cake is good. I like looking at snow globes. I always say “WOW!” when I see them. Christmas is my favorite. Your loving cookie friend,

Maxen Koehn

Dear Santa,

Hello, my name is Kyson. I live in Marion, KS. I am 3 years old. For Christmas this year I want Paw Patrol toys.

Kyson Hamm

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