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MARION: Kindergarten - Katie Rahe

Taught by Katie Rahe

Dear Santa,

I want a robot and a marshmallow gun.

Collin Hunter

Dear Santa,

I would like a Baby Alives and Baby Reborn.

Charley Smith

Dear Santa,

I would like Country Dance 2, slime, Lego Mario set up and some Christmas ornaments for a Christmas tree. I will leave some food for the reindeer. I also want a Santa hat that is my size.

Conner Joseph Cyr

Dear Santa,

I’ve been good this year. I listened at school, cleaned my room when I was asked and helped hold the gates to fee the cows. I would like a flying boat with remote control, an air plane with remote control, toy motorcycle, scooter that looks like a motorcycle, robot with remote control, Christmas lights, military truck and a robot Santa.

Chevy Slater

Dear Santa,

I would like a watch, long neck pillow, Playdoh, elf, magic glove, and helmet. I’ll leave cookies and carrots for the reindeers.

Jettlyn Miller

Dear Santa,

I would like a Barbie Dream House, please!

Kaylie Box

Dear Santa,

How are you, Santa? You and your reindeer? I will leave some cookies and some carrots for the reindeer. Can I have a basketball hoop, please? I have been trying hard to be good and I hope I am on the nice list.

Easton Jones

Dear Santa,

How are you and the elves? Good, I hope. For Christmas I want a Barbie and want the world to be happy and healthy. Thank you and God bless,

Paysley Wheatley

Dear Santa,

I love you SANTA and I love your reindeer. I have been a good girl. I would love a Teddy bear and a Dinosaur for Christmas, please!

Laekyn Kargas

Dear Santa,

I would like a unicorn and mermaids and a real pet bird.

Laurel Nguyen

Dear Santa,

I would like an Elsa dress with boots and chocolate, and art stuff for Christmas this year if you can find the time. P.S. Will leave milk and cookies and carrots for reindeer.

Lily White

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy. I would like a dino book and monster truck.

Carson Methvin

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