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Marion mom arrested twice in one day

Staff writer

Marion mother Joyce Loomis, 43, was jailed twice in less than 24 hours by two law enforcement departments.

Sheriff’s deputy Derek Fetrow arrested her Thursday afternoon for allegedly trespassing on property on K-256 between US-56 and 190th Rd.

Marion officer Mike Stone also responded and said it was evident that she had been drinking.

Undersheriff David Huntley said Loomis bonded out of county jail not long after being booked. Then, about four hours later, she reportedly walked from her home back to the sheriff’s department.

The sheriff’s department called Marion police. Stone responded again. He took Loomis to her home to investigate her complaint.

“Joyce wanted her sister removed from her house. She said her sister was out-of-control,” Stone said. “Criminal charges need to be pressed for us to physically remove a person, but Joyce didn’t want to press charges.

“It had been an ongoing thing between them for the past three days. No physical violence, just verbal arguments.”

The situation escalated.

Loomis’s sister told police methamphetamines had been smoked in the house.

“Things went south pretty fast,” Stone said. “They were using profanity around the children, and we don’t want the kids to see that.”

Stone attempted to control the quarreling sisters by separating them. He took everyone outside to the front porch and put Loomis’s sister in his patrol car temporarily while he sorted out the situation.

When he turned around, he saw Loomis’s 19-year-old daughter, Bree Fryman, running into the house. He pursued, suspecting something was not right.

Stone said he caught Fryman trying to dispose of a thin glass pipe that had a bulb on one end by flushing it down a toilet.

“The pipe was partially broken, and her hand was bleeding because she tried to crush it,” Stone said. “The pipe had black residue on it. I could tell it had been used to smoke meth, and our tests confirmed it.”

Fryman also allegedly tried to flush some colorful plastic drinking straws used in the consumption of meth, Stone said. He requested a search warrant in the middle of the night.

“Our judge and county attorney are so pro community they’ll answer the phone anytime,” Stone said. “They realize what’s at stake.”

In searching the rest of the house, Stone found a blue plastic bag, a broken light bulb, and more colorful straws, all of which he said tested positive for meth.

“They were children’s straws,” Stone said. “Loomis’s sister had a 3-year-old daughter in the house. Teens usually have enough sense to stay away from the stuff, but young kids will put anything in their mouth. That’s why we charged Loomis and Fryman with aggravated child endangerment.”

Officer Duane McCarty transported Loomis’s 15-year-old son to Marion Juvenile Intake temporarily before the teen was released to his uncle.

Loomis and Fryman were arrested. Both face charges of aggravated child endangerment, disorderly conduct, interference with a law enforcement officer, possession of methamphetamines, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police did not release the name of Loomis’s sister. She was not arrested or charged.

Last modified June 3, 2015