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police report

Feb. 4: A gas skip was reported and the offender was found. Officers performed a follow-up investigation for a rape case.

Feb. 5: Gunshots were reported near the city shop; after the investigation, it was determined the sound was a nail gun. A possible scam was reported. Officers responded to a domestic battery call and found suspect hiding; suspect was arrested for battery and two counts of domestic battery.

Feb. 6: Officers took a report of criminal trespass. Officers took a report of credit card fraud.

Feb. 7: Officers took a criminal damage to property report in Central Park. Officers responded to a report of a reckless driver.

Feb. 10: Officers assisted with a road rage incident at U.S. 56 and 77. Two traffic stops resulted in three arrests for possession of meth, marijuana, and paraphernalia.

Feb. 11: A boat theft was reported.

Feb. 12: Officers assisted with a hit and run accident.

Feb. 13: Officers spoke with Pastor Val Newton about helping a family in need. Officers spoke to Paul Swann about helping a family in need. Officers followed up with a previously suicidal juvenile.

Feb. 15: Officers assisted with an out-of-control subject at Marion County Jail.

Feb. 17: Officers responded to a gas leak.

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