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Police report

June 10: Officers helped serve an eviction notice.

June 11: A subject was reported being at a residence when not allowed to be.

June 12: Officers responded to the baseball field for a lost child; a parent located the child. A driver was ticketed for driving 100 mph on U.S. 56.

June 14: Trespassing was reported. Officers received a report of possible child sexual abuse.

June 15: Officers talked to a victim of theft and warned an adult male about hanging out with a juvenile female.

June 16: Officers took pictures of criminal damage. A harassment report was taken; the suspect was warned to have no contact with victim. A gas skip was reported.

June 17: Officers recovered a runaway juvenile. Officers responded to a report of criminal trespass; the perpetrator left before they arrived.

June 18: A report of a found puppy was taken at the park. Officers escorted a person out of Marion County treasurer’s office for unruly behavior. A stolen license plate was located.

June 19: Officers took a report of harassment and stalking. Questionable behavior was reported at the public pool.

June 20: Officers found shelter for bicyclists traveling across the U.S. Officers investigated a possible gas skip case. Officers issued a verbal warning to a suspect in harassment stalking case.

June 21: A report of violation of a protective order was taken. Two reports were of a phone scam coming from a Marion number were taken.

June 23: A report of ATVs trespassing on the flood project was filed; officers were unable to locate drivers.

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