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Marion police reported the following activities in addition to working on reports, follow-up investigations, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle identification number inspections.

July 26 – Officers released property to owners and served a civil process. A dog complaint was checked.

July 27 – Officers responded to a complaint of a suspicious person. Met with concerned citizens and attended court hearings. A skunk complaint was checked as well as a parking complaint. A criminal damage report was taken.

July 28 – Officers responded to a complaint of an individual burning lumber and took a harassment complaint.

July 29 – Provided supervision for community service workers and traffic control for Lifewatch. A bicycle was found and returned to the owner. Officers attended a funeral and provided an escort. Responded to a traffic hazard, served civil process, and attended court hearings.

July 30 – Officers responded to a possible fire, a skunk complaint, and a dog complaint. A disorderly conduct report was taken and civil process was served. Streetlights were checked.

July 31 – Responded to a report of a suspicious person. Assistance was given to a stranded individual. Conducted traffic stops and an open business door was found.

Aug. 1 – Officers conducted a civil standby, traffic stops, and took a theft report.

Aug. 2 – Officers checked on a possible driving under the influence. Conducted firearms training and responded to a skunk complaint.

Aug. 3 – Officers responded to a domestic dispute, a non-injury accident, and a dog-at-large. Officers arrested a suspect on charge of disorderly conduct. A truck was inspected on Eisenhower Drive.

Aug. 4 – A report of a person with a chain saw was checked. Response was given to a suspicious person complaint. Assisted emergency medical technicians with a call. Attended Night of the Rhino and found an open business door.

Aug. 5 – Officers responded to a traffic hazard in the road, a dog-at-large, and a skunk complaint. Met with a citizen reference, took a theft report, and served civil process.

Aug. 6 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up, checked on a possible driving under the influence, and took a theft report.

Aug. 7 – Assistance was given to the sheriff’s department with a jackknifed tractor-trailer. Response was given to a disturbance and a gas leak. Traffic stops and truck inspections were conducted.

Aug. 8 – Officers responded to a complaint of children yelling. A welfare check was conducted and a reckless driver complaint was checked. Assisted Hillsboro officers with a domestic dispute and the electrical department with a power outage.

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