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Mary Thiessen's PBES kindergarten class

Mary Thiessen’s Peabody-Burns Elementary School kindergarten class

Dear Santa,

I want a car, a phone flashlight, motorcycle, and new glasses for my dad. I want a car semi from Wal-Mart.

Joesuf Creely

Dear Santa,

I want to have a Barbie. I want to have a baby doll, crayons, pencils, markers, and paper for Christmas. I like my friends in school. I like my dad and mom and brother.

Leah Decker

Dear Santa,

I would like a toy truck for Izak and a game that we will never lose and a dolly for me. I have time to say that the gifts you give are good for children. I like the way Rudolph’s nose glows when he is flying.

Roxandra Grob

Dear Santa,

I really like racecars. I would like a new coat and I would really like new shoes. I would like a remote control monster truck and I would like a new book bag. I would like new glasses. I love you.

Kaiden Newman

Dear Santa,

Can I have a flying fairy doll and a Dora kitchen and a dream castle with princesses? Can I have a Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer for my mom?

Kate Lynn Huls

Dear Santa,

I want a snake for Christmas and a hat for Christmas. I want a bookshelf and a new coat. I want a board and a marker. I love Santa Clause.

Lucas Partridge

Dear Santa,

I want four cars and a toy gun. Oh, and a toy wrestler.

Hunter Glenn

Dear Santa,

I would like a fire truck and a fireman. A fire department too. Are you working hard?

Dalton Britton

Dear Santa,

I want a candy maker. And I want a Barbie doll house and a Barbie doll. My sister has an Easy Bake. I want one. I want a bracelet, rings, and toy kitchen. And a table. And a tutu. And I want a bouncy ball where I sit on it and a ball to toss. And I want a board that has markers and a marker case. I want a watch.

Abbigail Mendez-Campos

Dear Santa,

I want to get my mommy something. I want to get my momma a candy cane and a wallet. And I wanted to get my mommy lipstick. My daddy some tool stuff. And I want to get my dada some goodies like his favorite candy. I want to get my brother a knife and I think he will like his favorite toy.

I want my sissy to get a toy and earrings and I want to give her a Barbie doll. I want to give big sissy jewelry and I want to give her earrings and a necklace and mascara. She needs mascara. My big brother, I want to give him his favorite toy. His favorite toy is doggies. I want a horsey that walks.

Reagan Rives

Dear Santa,

I want a toy monster truck. I want a remote control for my monster truck. I want a toy computer. I want a toy bear. I want to give you a hug. And I want a toy bus. I want a toy bucket and a toy mirror. I love you. What do you want for your home? A plate?

Ajay Beer

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