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december 1, 1921

Marion High School finished undefeated in the regular season of football last Thursday when Peabody High came up for the annual Turkey Day game.

The game, though it finished with the tremendous score of 116 points to 0 rolled up against Peabody, was nevertheless an interesting game. Marion’s score was the result of the finest football which has been seen here.

The team’s grand total for the season is 454 points in nine games against opponents’ 2 points total, an average of more than 50 points to the game.

Mr. F.E. Smith, of Ramona, was in the other day and paid his subscription to the Record for the forty-first time. Some record for a subscriber we say and some record for the Record! And in appreciation of the long loyalty we are sending Mr. Smith a receipt for a paid up subscription for the rest of his life.

Adv—Why buy your meats from meat peddlers when you can buy young home killed corn fed meat at the Sanitary Meat Market at these low prices?

Good boiling meat, lb. 10 cents; Good beef steak, lb. 15 cents; Good ground beef, lb. 15 cents; Fancy beef roast, lb. 15 cents; Pure pork sausage (own make), lb. 15 cents; Good pork roast, lb. 15 cents; Fresh side pork, lb. 18 cents; Pure home rendered lard, lb. 16 cents; and Fresh ground bone, (for chickens), pound 5 cents.

Both phones and city delivery.

Wheat was selling at $1.00 per bushel at Newton Tuesday and a number of farmers from around here took advantage of the price and hauled to market.

Three auto loads of Marion young people went out to the William Rupp place Monday night and had a great time coon hunting. After following the dogs up and down the river until midnight and gathering in four possums and one coon, the party was invited in by Mrs. Rupp, who with the help of Mrs. Mahlon Crist, served sandwiches, pie, and coffee.

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