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december 9, 1921

Several inquiries have come regarding the plans of the Board of Education relative to the new High School building. It will be remembered that last spring school bonds in the amount of $137,000 were authorized by vote of electors, the money to be used to repair present property and erect a new high school building.

$17,000 worth of bonds was sold and the receipts used to entirely overhaul the heating plant in the Hill building and to attend other needs.

After completion of repair work, a meeting was held with the architect, Mr. Williamson of Topeka, and he was asked to present plans for a new high school building.

Monday evening, the board adopted the plans presented and it is the intention of the Board of Education to go on with the work if the money available will pay for the plant that is proposed.

The question of site is still being discussed. The proposition last spring was to place the building between the Quisenberry and Duncan properties, facing Lincoln.

Walter Siebert phoned to the bank Thursday morning that he guessed it was a legal holiday and wouldn’t be down. There was a reason—a girl.

The Fire Department requests that the public do not delay it by driving out on the street immediately after an alarm. Give the clear right of way. Also refrain from calling central for at least five minutes after the alarm.

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