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january 5, 1922

As we go to press, the City Commissioners are considering the bids submitted for the new water plant. A large number of bidders were present. Most of the bids were made in itemized form, for the various units of equipment and have not been totaled yet but will vary probably from about $48,000 to $55,000.

The Mennonites of this and adjoining counties are gathering a big shipment of corn to be sent to Russia. They are trying to get enough to make a ship load, and expect that they will be able to do so. They have the offer of mills and railroads and ship lines that all their services will be free.

Mr. Alfred Sharrai, who lives southeast of town, has four hundred hens and gets nearly one hundred eggs per day from his flock, for about $2.50 per day, at present prices. He has Brown Leghorns.

The Marble Café conducted by Mr. Louis Linn opened Tuesday to the public. The room has been thoroughly renovated and decorated and the furnishings are new, white and clean. Mr. and Mrs. George Powell will assist in the running of the café for the present.

The part of the Williams land south of town which was sold at the courthouse this afternoon brought $33,876. The piece containing 120 acres west of the road was sold to Barney Amick. Charley Thompson bought the piece between the river and the Santa Fe tracks. Brown-Crummer, Wichita, bought the rest.

The county engineer is sending out notices to land owners concerning the cutting of hedges back from cross road corners to the distance of 150 feet set by law. That distance, though set by legislative act, is if anything, not enough. There are many corners over the county which are very dangerous a auto drivers are not able to see if anything is coming on the cross road. The law makes it in the power of the county, if the land owner does not cut the hedge himself, to hire men to do it and charge it against the land owner with a penalty.

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