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february 23, 1922

The deputy assessors of Marion County will meet in conference with the county assessor and the Board of County Commissioners on Friday. There are 28 deputy assessors. The 1921 valuation of all the property in Marion County was $68,488,865. Property has, as we all know, materially dropped in value. The 1922 valuation will be bound to be less than that of 1921.

The Record’s Salesman Club ends this weekend and the $1575 Buick Six touring car will go to the winning competitor Friday night, March 3rd. Currently in first place is Miss Olivia Huenergardt, Lehigh. Next five, in order, are: Miss Estalee Munroe, Lincolnville; Robert Florer, Marion; Dan Socolofsky, Marion; Miss Martha Smith, Peabody; and Mrs. W.E. McCoy, Aulne.

A magnificent rain Tuesday—the first in several months—amounted to about two inches, according to reports. It was general over the county and came at a time when the winds were beginning to damage the wheat crop.

Mr. Dan Gordon, who is the night man at the Curtis & Johnsmeyer garage, had the misfortune to lose a part of one of his thumbs the other day. He was leading a horse by a rope and the horse became frightened and jerked back throwing the rope over his thumb in such a manner that the first joint was pulled off.

The Carl Sheldon family is moving into their beautiful new bungalow on Denver Street. It is one of the prettiest, coziest new homes in town.

Oyer and Riggs advertise a sale of high grade, splendid flavored fruit in gallon cans, not sweetened, but canned in their own juice. By adding a small amount of sugar and heating thoroughly you will have a fruit to serve almost equal to the high- priced syrup-packed fruit, at about half the cost.

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