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june 14, 1917

The Farmers and Drovers National Bank of Marion opened for business Tuesday morning. On Monday evening, the officers and directors had an open house, and 300 or 400 people called during the evening. The bank fixtures are fine marble and brass throughout and are of the very latest and most attractive design — tile floor, fine modern furniture, and all that sort of thing. The office equipment and bookkeeping system are accorded to the last word in matters of this kind.

The weather for the last two weeks has been ideal for putting up alfalfa, and nearly all of the first crop over the county has been cared for.

A big new flag, 15 by 30 feet, flies over the courthouse, and it surely looks fine!

Marion County is asked for $35,000 as its share in the $100 million Red Cross fund that is being raised. If this is to be done, the men who can afford large sums must give large sums, and everyone must give freely. There is no finer cause. Marion is sending 40 young men. Marion County is sending several hundred.

It was announced last week that the time for volunteering would close June 18 and that, on that day, operation of the draft would begin. Those connected with Company M received this word from Adjutant General Martin in telegram, telephone message, and letter.

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