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OCT. 23, 1913

Mayor Jones has raised enough money, mostly from private contributions, to place four fine ornamental electric light poles on the stone arch bridge — two on each end. Fine doin’s.

The Florence Bulletin says of the Old Settlers Picnic: “It was the second picnic of the kind for Marion County and has come to be an annual affair to which many have already come to look forward each year. And at Marion is the place to hold it, for in addition to being near the center of the county, that city has a little park for such an event. The Old Settlers Picnic will undoubtedly grow each year, and in a short time will be the biggest event of the county.”

O.C. Billings has resigned as chief of the fire department, and Elmer Healea has been appointed to the place by the city commissioners. Under a new ruling, it is the duty of the chief to examine chimneys, etc. Mr. Billings has served altogether about 15 years as chief.

The annual duck flight being on at this time of the year has induced many of our local hunters to get out and get them. Several good hauls are reported.

While deeply regretting the occasion that brought him here, Marion folks were certainly delighted to see the Rev. C.A. Kitch this week. He had not been back since he left the Methodist pastorate here a year ago last spring. Was there ever a man who lived in Marion who had more friends?

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