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january 6, 1888

S.C. Palmer, of Chase County, formerly from Marion, has been in town this week selling a patent door strip.

Tom Daniels returned Tuesday evening from Illinois, whither he went with the precious body of his little boy to lay it beside its mother in the Decatur cemetery.

Everything is booming here, people go running along the streets (after their hats) as if this was the last day on which to transact business.

The Y.M.C.A. of this city is working hard. We are not yet fully organized but hope to be next Sunday. We will then buckle on the full armor of the Lord, and be prepared for battle.

Every gardener and floriculturist is acquainted with the great seed house of James Vick, Rochester, New York. The annual catalogue of this old and reliable house is again upon our table, “a thing of beauty” as usual, fit for any parlor table.

Peter Gaasch showed us yesterday an eight months old colt that tipped the beam at 820 pounds on the scales here. A pretty good one we think for a field colt that hasn’t been in a stable this winter.

The first four days of the new year were beautiful. Masons laid stone, and outdoor work of all kinds went on as if spring time had come, gentle Annie. But, at this writing, the earth is mantled with a thin coating of snow, and fans are not in particular demand.

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