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january 9, 1892

A party of young folks, undaunted by the heavy rain which marked the close of the old year, congregated at the elegant home of Mr. A.E. Case New Year’s eve and bade the old year a fond goodbye.

The Marion Masons have leased from the mortgagees the auditorium of the Y.M.C.A. building. It will make them fine quarters.

The wolf was temporarily driven away from the editorial door by Mr. W.H. McHenry, who brought us enough sausage to last us a few days.

A regular epidemic of La Grippe seems to be prevailing in this section of the country. Some cases are quite serious. Dr. Hannaford says that in all his long practice he has never seen so much sickness.

The court house ring, with most of their wives, sat down to a feast of fat turkey with the appropriate culinary accompaniments, Tuesday noon at Sylvester Drake’s establishment across from the court house. Mr. Drake is one of the most accomplished cooks in the county and on this occasion is said to have “spread himself.” We tried in vain to learn whose treat it was but we know that we are indebted to County Clerk Evans for our invitation to swell the crowd and diminish the provisions.

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