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july 15, 1887

We have lived here since 1874 and never saw the streams as foul as they now are. A green covers the surface in many places, and a sickening stench arises therefrom. We fear sickness will result if something is not done to clean these streams. The Record has heretofore expressed the opinion that the mill dam south of town would ultimately have to be taken out as a sanitary precaution. Some contend, however, that this would not help matters. We should like to see it tried, anyhow.

A stone arch bridge has been ordered built over Spring Branch on Section 16, Township 20, Range 4 East. Centre Township will defray $150 of the cost.

Completed plans for the Y.M.C.A. have arrived at last, and bids are advertised for elsewhere in the Record. Plans call for an elegant building, a structure which in its architectural beauty and in its practical usefulness will well justify the characterization it already has received from a discriminating critic: “the crowning glory of Marion.” Those interested can see the plans at the office of County Clerk Walton. Excavating for the basement was begun Wednesday morning.

Work has begun on the standpipe for the water works. It is to be in the northwest corner of Judge H.A. Billings’ residence premises, formerly the Bogle property.

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