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Dec. 16, 1887

Misses Bown and Ackley, two of our most accomplished city teachers, are preparing pupils of their department to give a unique entertainment entitled the “Magic Pen.” It will be presented Wednesday night, Dec. 28, in the Opera House. One-third of the proceeds will be donated to the YMCA furnishing fund.

The old-time scenes of the south in slavery days no longer exist. Those historic days are a thing of the past, but the “Boston Double Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” to appear Dec. 19 at the Opera House, will bring you back to the old plantation.

The 21st annual convention of the State Horticultural Society convened Tuesday morning in this city. It is a fine looking body of men — representing Kansas farmers and fruit growers in the agricultural and horticultural fields.

From a depth of 170 feet, the purest of salt water is daily pumped from one of the pipes at Marion’s mineral wells. That’s the deepest any drill has gone here. That there is salt in abundance immediately below this briny reservoir there can be no doubt. Men and brethren, we ought to be reaching of the wealth beneath us.

Mr. Chable, inventor of the Chable sad-iron being made by Messrs. Wishart & Knapp, showed us a letter the other day ordering a number of the irons shipped to New Zealand. Among other orders was one for 300 from Michigan.

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