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june 25, 1880

Our readers have been kept posted, from time to time, of the progress of the coal prospecting in Peabody and the Record has taken frequent occasion to wish them success. We now have to announce that at the depth of 650 feet, a ten-foot vein of rock-salt was penetrated last week, and beneath it a salt stream, the water from which yields, when reduced by evaporation, about one-third its quantity in salt. If they never find coal, it is thought that the salt discovery will amply repay the effort.

A newspaper which never makes anybody mad don’t amount to much.

Now, marriageable men and maidens, here’s your chance. Five dollars is offered to the couple that will get married at Florence on the 3d.

The initial number of the long talked about “Peabody Reporter” arrived last week, with H.D. Morgan announced as editor and proprietor, and W. H. Walker, associate editor. It is neatly printed, spicily edited, and looks like it might “make it.”

Girls, girls, girls, a few days more and leap year will be half gone.

We observed Mr. Salisbury slipping out of one of the widows of the Presbyterian church, late last Saturday afternoon. The suspicious circumstance was explained Sunday morning when the members of that denomination found a handsome eight-day clock on the wall, the generous gift of Mrs. Salisbury.

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