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july 23, 1880

In 1870 the population of Marion county was 764. In 1880 it is 12, 474. These figures show an average annual increase of 1,171 each year of the past decade. The increase has been greatly in excess of this average during the last few years of the ten. We call that a good showing.

A fisticuff furnished the boys a small sensation this week. Marion Centre is gradually putting on city airs.

The engine, boiler, and other material for the sugar factory have arrived, and will be placed in position immediately.

A couple of candidates were observed drawing straws, the other day, to settle which should set up ice cream to a voter.

The Banner’s agent-correspondent is authority for the statement that Mr. Sam Palmer, of this city, is about to start a hardware store in Hillsboro, in connection with his brother John.

Parties who have not complied with the sidewalk ordinance, will find an advertisement of deep and absorbing interest to them, in this issue of the Record, from the gifted pen of the City Clerk.

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