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september 10, 1880

Emporia prohibits by ordinance the further building or repairing of wooden sidewalks. They find wooden sidewalks to be nuisances, unsightly, dangerous and unhealthy. Marion Centre will know more when it gets older.

Al Battey’s name is getting into the Topeka papers a great deal, now-a-days, with musical matters. Al is one of the finest musicians in the State, and a tip top clever fellow, besides.

Peabody is beginning to reap the results of licensing two new saloons. The papers last week told the story in frequent recitals of drunken orgies. One of the most reliable gentlemen in the city said to us the other day that he had never seen as much drunkenness since he had been in the town as he has seen since those saloons opened.

Jex’s kiln, containing 100,000 brick has been burned and opened, and competent judges pronounce the brick the best they have ever seen in the State.

Mrs. Perkins’ millinery establishment is now adorned by one of the handsomest new signs in town, executed by Ferd H. Pool, a new painter in town.

The Sugar Factory is running rapidly, making barrels of the finest sorghum. We have tried some of it and know that it is excellent.

Not to be outdone by Sam Howe’s thirteen pound girl, John Mehl now gets excited and talks like lightning about a fourteen and three-quarter pound boy that has just taken up its abode with him.

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