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September 24, 1880

Fine rains this week. Good for the wheat.

Business is reviving. Our merchants are stocking up, and the outlook for the fall and winter trade is very encouraging.

Whenever you hear a fellow chiding people because “they” do not enforce the laws, ask him why he don’t enforce them.

Esquire Costello grows more and more poetical as he grows older. The beautiful manner in which he tied the knot for a rural couple the other day and then the sentimental kiss which he implanted upon the ruby lips of the new-made bride proves our assertion.

Mayor Case, of Topeka, has been visiting his relative, A.E., in this hub of the universe this week.

The Great Western National Fair at Lawrence, Kansas, opened on the 14th with a fine display and in the presence of some 10,000 spectators. The Arkansas Valley Fair, held at Wichita, was also a great success, both in point of display and in attendance.

The foundation of the new Christian church is finished, and work on the house will be pushed as fast as possible.

The building boom is about to receive new impetus. Besides the respectable number of buildings now in process of erection, we hear of quite a number of others in prospective.

If you want anything in the line of photography you will do well to call on our popular photographer (L.P. Jordon) between now and the first of November. His health failing from confinement and the scent of chemicals, he is obliged to quit the business. If you have old and faded pictures have them enlarged while you have an opportunity; and don’t fail to secure a set of his home views.

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