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february 18, 1881

At the very hour of Garfield’s nomination at Chicago, a wild eagle circled over Washington City and alighted upon the General’s residence.

Martin Donley and wife, living on Big Run, near Williamstown, Virginia, died recently within a few hours of each other, in great agony, with undisputed symptoms of trichinosis. They had eaten of raw pork a few days before. A portion of the meat was examined, and found to contain large numbers of the fatal worms.

Partially owing to the coal famine and partly in consequence of the general prevalence of the mumps in the city, Prof. Bogle, by agreement with the Board, has dismissed school for two weeks from next Monday.

A businessman in Marion Centre, of observing turn of mind, has noticed that those sidewalk ordinances had not been obeyed or enforced in a great many instances, and requests us to say something to this effect We believe we have remarked on this subject in the past. Let somebody else growl a while. We’ve done our share. But then those ordinances were tiptop good ones, and should be obeyed, and if not obeyed they should be enforced by authorities.

We devote considerable space this week to the county seat squabble, and will probably continue to do so for a few weeks as we desire the matter to be thoroughly ventilated.

There is a general feeling in Marion Centre that one great need in Marion Centre is a good flour mill, and the first man who comes along with sufficient means to embark in the business on a large scale, and wishing a first class location, will find just the place at Marion Centre, and will no doubt meet with considerable encouragement of a substantial kind.

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