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july 8, 1881

We presume and assume that every reader of the RECORD is not only aware of the fact that an attempt was made upon the life of President Garfield last Saturday, but that all are also familiar with the particulars of the terrible tragedy; how, when entering the ladies room of the B&P railroad in company with Mr. Blaine (Secretary of State) preparatory to taking the train, he was shot down by an assassin from behind; how his life has since hung upon a thread so slender that the most eminent physicians have for days dared not venture a definite opinion at the result.

“The day we celebrate” dawned upon Marion Centre with no clouds save those which the sad news from Washington had hung over the people.

Our Silver Cornet Band covered themselves with new glory, while the Quintette Club surprised and delighted everyone with their sweet and highly artistic singing.

Hon. Henderson Ritchie of Morris county delivered a sound, sensible address.

In the afternoon the amusements “went off” with the exception, we believe, of the renowned greased pig, which failed to put in an appearance.

A large crowd went out to the grounds of the Driving Park Association to witness the trial of speed.

Some months ago Peabody ordered and in due time received a fire engine, which, not proving what was expected or desired, was rejected. The manufacturer refused to “take it back,” and the difficulty has at last been compromised by the payment of $175 to the manufacturer to take the thing away.

Harvesting is nearly done, and while the wheat is not so good as it promised a month ago, in the aggregate there is a large amount of wheat in Marion county, and besides the market price promises to largely compensate for the shortage in the crop.

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