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september 16, 1881

There was a meeting of the Cabinet in Washington on the 3rd. The session was the first formal recognition of the possibility of an acting President by the Presidential advisers. The session lasted some time; what the conclusion was has not been officially disclosed.

The President’s condition on the 8th was said to be better than at any time during the past ten days, giving the strongest encouragement for his early convalescence.

Our friend Brewerton has something finer than that fine new residence. He is the happy father of a fine boy.

The journalistic sea has been whitened by the sails of another ship, which was launched last week from Hillsboro, this county; J.B. Crouch, pilot. It appears well rigged and manned, and looks much more likely to weather the tempestuous storms that buffet newspaper crafts than its unfortunate predecessor, the Phonograph. The Record salutes the Intelligencer.

Prairie schooners can be seen almost daily on the Old Santa Fe trail, going both east and west. A large herd of ponies passed last Saturday, going east.

A stone pyramid, comprising four specimen blocks of Marion Centre’s excellent building stone, cut by Mr. Jex, is on exhibition at the State Fair this week and will be taken to the Exposition at Atlanta, Georgia. Such things count.

An immense flight of grasshoppers, going south, is reported from the western part of the State. Some little uneasiness was created here last week by grasshoppers flying high in the air. But, none or at most a few, alighted.

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