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june 14, 1878

The tide of immigration to Kansas appears to be increasing. They are coming, coming. Let ’em come.

Five gas lamps now light the streets of Marion Centre at night.

Only printers fully appreciate the advantages of a short name for a newspaper. Every printer has a strong prejudice against lengthy “credits.” We have always felt that the name of our paper, The Marion County Record, was too long, but dislike to change it. However, if our exchanges prefer to credit extracts from this paper simply to the Marion Record, the credit will be entirely satisfactory to us.

Mr. A.E. Case favored us with some nice raspberries the other day.

Marion County farmers are in the midst of harvest. There is considerable “cheat” in some fields, but as a whole the crop is the largest and finest ever raised in this county. The acreage is 12,000 larger than before, and the grain was never before so large and plump. 600,000 is a very low estimate of the number of bushels of wheat that will be garnered in Marion County this year.

Governor George T. Anthony, the finest orator in Kansas, has accepted an invitation to address the people of Marion County at Marion Centre on the Fourth. Let 5,000 people greet the distinguished orator. Everbody is invited. Battey’s superlative band has been retained for the occasion.

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