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august 2, 1878

Uncle George and Alex Griffith went out last Saturday and brought in several antelope.

A large and attentive audience turned last Monday afternoon to witness the eclipse of the sun. Promptly on time, Luna shied her shadow across probably four-fifths of the sun’s disc, shutting off a proportionate share of old Sol’s rays, leaving the Earth wrapped in a kind of orange-colored light.

There were several little verbal unpleasantnesses in town Monday beside a rather conspicuous disciple of Bacchus, and a lady suggests that that it probably was what Sol was ashamed of when he tried to hide his face.

The corn crop is just splendid. J.D. Brown has some on L.L. Evans’ place the ears of which he cannot reach from the ground.

Hailstones can pelt Treasurer Coble’s residence as much as they please, now, and it will cause him no new panes. The windows are protected with new shutters — something every house ought to have in this country.

Spring wheat is nearly all cut. Heavy rain last week broke it down so badly that it is very tedious cutting, but a few more days will end this work. The Odessa variety has not been so great a success as a spring wheat this year as formerly, though that sown in the fall yielded excellently.

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