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may 7, 2008

Sen. Sam Brownback visited the county Monday afternoon as part of his 105-county tour. The former presidential candidate appeared relaxed and personable to about 40 people at Marion City Auditorium.

In four months, five employees at St. Luke Hospital have had babies. It started with Becky Hulett, who gave birth to daughter Madison in October. In November, Jenni Fredrickson delivered Eldon. In December along came Clayton, son of Mary Maloney. Sydney was born in January to Ashton Smith. The last one, Breane, was born in February to Brandi Williams.

Larry Steiner and his wife, Eunice, of Tampa will participate June 6 to 14 in Bike Across Kansas. They will travel from St. Francis in northwest Kansas, where Larry will join 685 other bikers. Eunice will follow along in a van. This will be Larry’s eighth Bike Across Kansas ride.

The 12th annual Chingawassa Days will be June 6 and 7 at Central Park. Events will include a Friday night barbecue and performances by Diamond W Wranglers (former Prairie Rose Wranglers) and the band Hopkins Switch. The many events Saturday will conclude with a performance by the main attraction, Grand Funk Railroad.

Last modified May 4, 2023