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september 17, 1980

The City of Marion was found to be responsible in the small claims division of Marion County District Court for upkeep and maintenance of its electric lines and liable for damages caused by lack of proper maintenance to the wires and their surroundings. Plaintiffs had undergone power surges in the past year that caused damage to house appliances which burned out from the increased power.

Announcement was made this week by Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Post that they have sold Kingfisher Inn at Marion County Park and Lake to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sprowls of Wichita, who will take over operation of the popular restaurant Nov. 1.

Mary Jeffrey thinks her tiny tomato, about the size of a small marble, should win the award for the smallest vegetable, in this year’s Produce Derby. She lays no claim to special variety, unique fertilizer, or custom care. “It just grew that way,” she said.

A thunderstorm that crossed Marion County Monday evening caused extensive damage to property in Aulne. Violet winds overturned a trailer house two blocks north of Main Street in the unincorporated town. The owners, Kevin and Lori Fruechting, were not in the trailer when it overturned. Lori had left the trailer moments before the storm hit its peak.

Aulne Grain reported high winds tore the tin roof from their salt building and many residents complained of scattered tree limbs.

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