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september 21, 1950

Edwin V. Burkholder, Marion’s best-known fiction writer and author tells the astounding tale in the October issue of Reader’s Digest of how Charley Faust won the National League championship for the New York Giants in 1911, as a pitcher, without ever pitching a game. It’s a well-written, absorbing story.

Marion Junior High students chose “Braves” as the name of their football team and are looking forward to the opening of the fall season.

The long-wished-for Sister’s Home in Pilsen became a reality lately when the beautiful modern structure was completed. Plans were drawn by Mr. Huey with Bernal Johnson and Ronald Vogel being the carpenters. Much of the interior work was done by various parishioners.

Two new cases of infantile paralysis are reported this week, both from Peabody. James L. Johnston, 34, Bell Telephone construction foreman, and Brice Herbert, eight-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Herbert, both were taken to St. Francis Hospital, Wichita. It is still uncertain as yet to the extent of the disease in their cases.

Randolph Carpenter, Marion attorney and Kansas Democratic leader, was appointed recently by President Truman as one of three members of the Motor Carrier Claims Commission. The commission deals with claims of motor carriers against the government.

The local Veterans of Foreign Wars post purchased a building at the west edge of town two years ago for a post home. They have announced this week that all debts owed on the building have been paid in full. Extensive improvements, alterations, and modern fixtures were added and as the building stands today, they are happy to announce that it is completely free of debt.

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