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june 7, 1951

Marion’s Main Street filled with water at about 3 a.m. Thursday, to a height of from six inches to three feet in various business houses, reaching its crest at about 7 a.m.

Boiling water from the north and west parts of the county, carrying a full load of silt, kept the Cottonwood and the flood stage at Marion at its crest for more than six hours.

The city commission has contracted with Bob Dixon to widen Third Street for one-half block both north and south of the Main Street intersection. The street will be widened four feet on either side and will help cut down congestion at this busy intersection.

A promising new industry is springing up in Marion County — the Flex-Prop Company, Inc. The invention is a variable pitch propeller adaptable to outboard motors. It is the brain-child of George Baxter. Incorporators Baxter, Cobb Hauser, and C.E. Cook have arranged with Strecker Mfg., Hillsboro, to make these attachments which sell at present for less than $20.

Mrs. Elmer Scott took her Sunday School class for a hayrack ride to their farm 7 miles northeast of Marion Thursday afternoon where they enjoyed fishing, swimming, and a picnic supper.

Members of the class are Wade Robertson, Bruce Coe, Walter Smith, Betty Ford, Patricia Dixon, Billie Herbert, Connie Long, Carmen Siebert, Judy Coons, Lowene Hiebert, Mary Lou Conyers, Margie Bernhardt, Betty Mathews, Jeanne Kline, and Carlita Bass.

Nearly 200 alumni and guests gathered at the Lincolnville high school gymnasium the evening of May 30 for their alumni banquet and party.

Mrs. Orlie Harrison, correspondent for the Sunflower community, writes that this time of the year could well be called “God’s Decoration Days.” She does not remember a time when the flowers were more abundant or more beautiful.

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