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Merry-go-round ride cut short by injury

Staff writer

A 12-year-old girl was taken to Newton Medical Center after falling off a merry-go-round at 8:30 p.m. Monday in Florence.

The unidentified victim probably will need surgery, county ambulance director Travis Parmley said.

EMTs reported a lower extremity injury that left the girl unable to move her right hip and in extreme pain.

“That’s why they went to Newton Medical Center, where they have orthopedics,” Parmley said.

St. Luke Hospital reported that family members had gathered there, not knowing that Peabody ambulance already was taking her to Newton.

The incident included EMTs from Florence, Marion, and Peabody ambulances.

Parmley, who was not on-scene for the call, said Florence ambulance was first to arrive but called for Peabody ambulance because Florence didn’t have a full crew.

Marion’s crew responded so someone on the scene could give pain medication. Marion EMTs didn’t know that Peabody ambulance had an advanced EMT, who also can administer pain medication, Parmley said.

Having personal connections to victims comes with the job in a small community, said Parmley, who grew up in Florence.

“I found it easier in Barton County, where I didn’t know anyone, but as I got to know people it happened there too,” he said. “You just adjust and let your training take over. Afterward it can wear on you more if you know the person.”

Last modified July 23, 2020